Wheel alignment

All your wheels are aligned identical to the geometric centre line of your vehicle, thus ensuring a perfect drive. It is imperative that your specialist have the best of breed equipment and that your vehicle is set in all the different areas with South African road conditions in mind.

  • Correct wheel alignment can add up to 10 000km on tyre wear
  • Improves steering ability
  • Ensure a smoother ride and better handling

Wheel balancing

The theory:
When the wheel rotates, asymmetries of mass may cause it to hop or wobble, which can cause ride disturbances, usually vertical and lateral vibrations. It can also result in a wobbling of the steering wheel or of the entire vehicle. The ride disturbance, due to unbalance, usually increases with speed. Vehicle suspensions can become excited by unbalance forces when the speed of the wheel reaches a point that its rotating frequency equals the suspension’s resonant frequency.

Our team of professionals will sort out your imbalance problems with our state of the art equipment. Feel free to bring your vehicle to any of our branches and we endeavour to meet your balancing needs.

Specialised tyre fitment

Our highly trained staff use the latest machinery and the most up to date strip and fit technology. We specialise in the fitment of high performance tyres, run flat tyres and tyres with run flat bands.

Wheel rotation

Depending on your vehicle, wheel rotation needs to be checked and/or rotated every 10 000km. This ensures longevity of your tyres and even wear and tear. This simple process increases your tyres life span substantially.  If you are unsure about your specific tyres feel free to bring your vehicle to any of our branches and our team will gladly assist.

Puncture repair

Contrary to popular believe repairing a puncture the right way is an art. Depending on the characteristics of your perforation there are various different ways to fix the problem. Some being long term and even permanent and others very short term and sometimes even dangerous.

Let our team with the best equipment, training and experience give you the right advice and make your repair permanent!

Rim repairs

Autowiel, in conjunction with its partners, has the ability to reconstruct your wheel rims in order to add value and style to your vehicle. Damage to wheels occurs with everyday use. Curbs and potholes can create uneven, dented rims – this in turn affects your overall driving experience and causes damage to your tyres.